The story behind the brand Simon August. Elegant and timeless timekeepers built to exceed customer expecations. Simon August, time is yours. Appreciate your time, Simon August


So, what does time mean to you?  

It was exactly this question that I was dealing with on a summer night in the middle of Norway, when I looked into the sky and stared at the stars in this crystal clear night. Sitting together with a friend we were really excited about the northern lights.  It was the end of August, quite cold and somehow we were hoping to see the northern lights. Our conversations were more and more about our time and what we wanted to do with our life..

In the end, we didn't see any polarlights (quite obvious). However, this evening I came to a realization which had a lasting effect on me:

"Time is the most valuable thing we own. Born with time, we often take it for granted and recognize the true value when it is usually already too late."

Overwhelmed by this realization (I mean like really understanding), from this moment on I wanted to carry something with me that reminded me of this evening and made me aware that time is the most valuable asset for me.

The idea of Simon August was born and the watch seemed to be the perfect accessory.

Now if you really came down to the last words of this article I want to thank you for reading this. This means the world to me. 

If it's not already, I hope this gives you a sence of the true value of your time aswell. Time, we only have so much of. 


Appreciate your time, 

Simon Λugust